Who I Am...

Discovering this didn’t come easy. Nothing worth doing ever does. After years of leading high performing corporate teams, it dawned on me that this just isn’t who I am. So in 2003 at the age of 42 I left my corporate job and made the decision to launch my own business.

Having spent the first half of my career in sales, I then got into training, coaching and managing large sales organizations. I discovered I had a penchant for developing things - people, programs, business ideas. Also, in between the corporate gigs, I got a taste of what’s it’s like to start and build a small business, and I wanted that again. This was the stepping off point for my business.

I set off to acquire the knowledge to become a coach to small business owners. I was trained and credentialed as a business coach, and that humble launching point 15 years ago has turned into a business focused on helping others build better businesses, and enjoy the rewards.

Now, with the crazy amount of content being launched at internet speeds, keeping up with all the latest business breakthroughs has become my obsession. I continue to devour just about any topic which could help me help other business owners find success on their journey. And I myself, have become quite digital marketing savvy along the way.

I don’t consider myself a guru who knows it all, or an expert with a plug-and-play master plan for you to follow. I am a humble, critical thinker with a keen sense for taking what can seem complicated and putting it into simple enough terms most anyone can follow to achieve their business goals.

One last thing: For me, the business model is similar no matter the type of business you operate. If you have a product or service to sell, and you have to attract prospects to buy it, and you have to earn a profit doing it... I can help!

Why I Do What I Do...

Business is a simple concept, and then it turns complicated. For myself and many other independent, I want to do my own thing hustlers, launching a business as difficult as that might be, is the easy part compared to learning to operate, lead, and sustain a healthy business for the long haul.

I’ve learned there’s always going to be the bright shiny objects vying for one’s attention. There's the fear of missing out on something that sets off a trigger in your head to go figure new things out. Your time and energy are then invested chasing the next big thing, taking time and energy away from the core business. When at first things seemed so simple, things are now as complicated as ever with more options, more strategies, more opinions, more competitors, and the draw of more money.

Hence the stuck, frustrated, overwhelmed feelings you may have, and why I offer solutions to help you be a better business owner with a strong, profitable business.

There are tons of great ideas, yet little time and a lack of experience to put it all to use. That’s where I come in. For business owners who become stuck, or haven’t been able to breakthrough, or maximize their business’s full potential, I help them make sense of what’s essential and what’s not. I take the best parts from all my learnings and put them in context for their business. And, instead of them spending more time learning or chasing the latest trend, they spend more time implementing essential strategies.

What you will find when you follow what I’m teaching is simplicity. The focus of my work is to find the strategies most essential to small business success, and deliver them in a way that’s easy to consume for any busy business owner.

For me, it's all about helping business owners gain control, accelerate results and unlock the full potential of their business, so they can enjoy the rewards of being an independent business owner. That’s WHY I do what I do.