First thing to know is I became a second half entrepreneur after the age of 40.

My entrepreneurial quest came in 2003 when I was loathing what I had become in my corporate career.

At the time I knew I wanted to learn all I could about building small businesses and then help anyone I could. Since I hadn't actually built a small business on my own, I chose instead to learn, and I became a business coach.

Over the years I made a substantial investment on my learning, education and experiences. Yet the best lessons have come from working with a great variety of clients with whom I have shared their business challenges and victories.

It's these experiences that led to my transformation into The Visionary Strategist.

Let me explain.

My Transformation into the Visionary Strategist

Transforming into The Visionary Strategist didn't happen overnight. It's taken many years of gaining experience to develop and hone what I do.

In my work with countless clients, there have been many opportunities to witness frustrated business owners, with solid businesses, failing to achieve the visions they hold for their businesses. Typically, when they come to me, these clients feel stuck and unsure of what to do to break free.

I learned I have the unique ability to help business owners who get stuck working IN their businesses. Together, we consciously and consistently work ON what's most important for their business, and transform it over time.

I learned that I have the unique ability to understand the stage their business is in, and also the vision an owner has for their business, even when it's all still vague to them.

Together, my client and I get into the practice of consciously working ON their business resulting in better control and a plan to unlock its full potential.

As a Visionary Strategist, I help clients build a conscious practice of BEING a proficient business owner. I do this by supporting them with the experience and resources needed to instigate actions, and by holding them accountable to achieving the desired outcomes.

As a Visionary Strategist, I bridge the gap between what a business owner envisions for their business and the reality of not knowing how to get there.

I can help you connect the dots to all the moving parts of your business as you strive to gain better control and unlock its full potential. I do this by helping you create a conscious practice around consistently working ON your business using the strategies your business needs now.

Change can be disruptive, both good and bad. I have the unique ability of being able to quickly find where a business is experiencing pain, and guide the owner towards creating change by prioritizing key initiatives, then building action plans.

We do this by starting with what's most important for the business right now. Then as a strategy we follow the simple concept of...




Done By You

It's achievable to build a business all on your own. Using my resources and others you find, you might eventually breakthrough. DIY can save money, but it doesn't always mean it can help you make more money, and it's time consuming.


Done With You

This is for busy business owners still working in the business, and seeking solutions to improve their business knowledge. They know they don't have the time to learn all they need, and are open to exploring all resources to accelerate business growth.


Done For You

You may be able to hire and pay someone else to do the heavy lifting for you. While this is a viable option for some, it doesn't always translate into the best solution. Business growth strategies work best when the owner is engaged.

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