Explore if what I do is a good fit for your business...

Client Profile.

Any business owner wanting to improve can benefit from what I teach and execute. Yet not every business owner will get the results they desire by working with me. Not every owner is a good fit for me, nor me for you.

How well do you match up to this client profile?

  • All who have engaged my services are already business owners. They are at least several years into their business venture, are working long hours in the business, and are irreplaceable in what they do.
  • These are owners who have good businesses, yet they are challenged with leading the business to the next level. With no formal business training, and limited time, they are seeking ways to improve the business.
  • Having tried on their own with whatever resources they found, and not seeing results, they are ready to explore how an outsider's perspective, experience and resources can help them develop their businesses.

These are the 6 Business Essentials which form the foundation for most strategies.

Building a practice around working ON your business starts with mastering these 6 Business Essentials. There are hundreds of business strategies, yet most fall into one of these areas. Working together we first identify what areas of the business needs immediate attention, then prioritize strategies, execute them consistently, and measure them for results. As we turn this process into a practice, your business begins to transform and you will find yourself in better control as it does.


Embrace the role of inspiring others to share your vision for the business...


Design the culture of your business that aligns your team to get results and enjoy the journey...


Understand financials and KPIs well enough to drive all the most important decisions... 


Identify and execute the key strategies with the greatest impact...


Set clear expectations with frequent, effective meetings...


Have clear marketing messages that attract, convert and retain your ideal customers... 

My Business Models.

As a student of business, for years I have consumed books, articles and models as a way of staying at the top of my game. I have internalized much from other people's work and use this knowledge to advance my client's businesses.

During the same period in which I started a yoga practice to solve my back issues, I also started a practice of thinking deeper about business. Here are several original business models to help business owners visualize the process of building a business practice.

The Ascension Model

Every business ascends at a different pace, yet all businesses ascend through these 5 Stages. Knowing what stage your business is in, and what's needed to ascend to the next stage is something every business owner needs. This is your roadmap.

Scale is a stage that far too many owners fail to reach because they get stuck in an earlier stage. Navigating these stages may take years. Knowing what to expect as your business enters and exits each stage is helpful for any owner seeking to unlock the business' full potential.

The PACE Principle

Once fully understood, this model will speak directly to any small business owner who knows what it feels like to wear ALL the hats. Most business owners are involved in every aspect of the business which requires them to be Strategic, Influential, Productive, and Sustainable.

This model not only speaks to those 4 quadrants, it also illustrates how Precision and Alignment are the result of an owner who manages the process with the goal of delivering the best possible experience for its customers. It's the level of Precision and Alignment a business achieves that will determine the level of customer experience your business delivers.

Your Options.


Done By You

It's achievable to build a business all on your own. Using my resources and others you find, you might eventually breakthrough. DIY can save money, but it doesn't always mean it can help you make more money, and it's time consuming.


Done With You

This is for busy business owners still working in the business, and seeking solutions to improve their business knowledge. They know they don't have the time to learn all they need, and are open to exploring all resources to accelerate business growth.


Done For You

You may be able to hire and pay someone else to do the heavy lifting for you. While this is a viable option for some, it doesn't always translate into the best solution. Business growth strategies work best when the owner is engaged.

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