Hi, Asa here. Thanks for taking a moment to stop and watch.

The business essential I’m going to talk about in this video is about becoming more attractive.

No not you, your business. It’s a noisy world these days making it harder and harder for your business to get found by the ideal customers you need to attract. This is not the time to have a stale marketing message that sounds too much like everyone else’s. Here’s why...

A problem exists today when it comes to marketing your business effectively. You have to be able to deliver a compelling enough message to make your business stand out, and your ideal prospect take notice.

It’s easy as ever for people to ignore most marketing messages. Until that is, they see or hear a message that strikes a chord with them because it speaks to a challenge, or need they have.

Creating marketing messages that speak directly to a very specific audience are the ones most likely to attract the customers your business is seeking.

What this means for a business leader is knowing how to specifically define the solutions your product or service delivers, and who is most likely to need that solution.

It means the marketing message needs to be specific, not general.

It means there’s probably going to be many marketing messages, not just one.

It means the message addresses the needs of the prospect, not talk about how great your business is.

To get this right as a business leader you will need to go through marketing exercises to help you define your specific prospects and their problems, and then exercises to create marketing messages that speak directly to those prospects. It’s not easy but it’s worth it.

Making your marketing more attractive is an ESSENTIAL of every successful business out there.

If you’d like to raise your marketing game to become more attractive, gain better control of your business and unlock its full potential…

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