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Talk with Asa

Hi I'm Asa...

If you are looking for ways to improve your business and become a more proficient business owner, you're in the right place...

I'm a business coach who has been guiding business owners like you since 2003. Over the years I have transformed and have evolved into The Visionary Strategist. I have lots to share. Some of it will be new and valuable to you as you transform as a business owner yourself.

More about me in a second. First let's talk about you...

"I have a hunch you're here for a reason."

  • Maybe you have hit a plateau in your business, and feel stuck.
  • Maybe you aren't getting the results you expect, and feel vulnerable.
  • Maybe you haven't been able to grow your business despite your best efforts, and need someone to talk to.
  • OR, maybe you want more from your business and life, and are ready to explore solutions!

"Whatever your reason, you're in the right place. I can help."

I am a humble, critical thinker with a keen sense for taking what can seem complicated for some and put it in simple terms and strategies most anyone can follow toward building a practice around working ON and improving their business.

What you won't find here are quick fix solutions to difficult business problems, or get rich schemes. You will find guidance on practicing and applying business strategies that are essential for every business.

The Visionary Strategist.

As The Visionary Strategist my role is to help you connect the dots to all the moving parts of your business so you can make better decisions, take control of your business, and unlock its full potential.

My role is NOT to overwhelm you with strategies or take things off your hands.  I'm here to provide tools and guidance business owners can use to help them create a practice around working ON their business and experience a transformation themselves.

I will support you with experience and resources needed to instigate the most important actions you and the business need to take, and I'll hold you accountable to achieving the desired outcomes.

Your Options.


Done By You

It's achievable to build a business all on your own. Using my resources and others you find, you might eventually breakthrough. DIY can save money, but it doesn't always mean it can help you make more money, and it's time consuming.


Done With You

This is for busy business owners still working in the business, and seeking solutions to improve their business knowledge. They know they don't have the time to learn all they need, and are open to exploring all resources to accelerate business growth.


Done For You

You may be able to hire and pay someone else to do the heavy lifting for you. While this is a viable option for some, it doesn't always translate into the best solution. Business growth strategies work best when the owner is engaged.

FREE Download... The 6 Business Essentials Guide & Videos

By focusing on these 6 essential areas of your business, you'll simplify and clarify what your business needs most right now, and start a practice around improving those things.