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Talk with Asa

gain Better Control of your business and unlock it's Full Potential

Asa helps business owners develop a conscious practice of working on their business, and gain greater proficiency as a business leader.


Every business owner needs to learn to build a practice of working ON their business, yet many don't know what to do or where to start.

It was during my journey recovering from chronic back pain when I discovered Precision and Alignment are as important in business as they are in yoga. Both require practice to become proficient and attain results.

I now apply the idea of building a conscious business practice with others to help them achieve precision and alignment in their businesses.

If your business is feeling stuck and you're not sure what you need, I will help you transform your business and achieve the next stage of growth and development.


Manage By The Numbers:

Understand financials and KPIs well enough to drive all the most important decisions... 

Cultivate A Culture:

Design the culture of your business that aligns your team to get results and enjoy the journey...

Do The Right Things Right:

Consistently identify priorities and execute the strategies with the greatest impact to build precision...

Attract and Retain Ideal Customers:

Have clear marketing messages that attract, convert and retain your ideal customers... 


Improve Your Business Proficiency:

Embrace your role as the owner and through your actions inspire others to strive for continuous improvement, growth, and development...

Real Businesses. Real Results.

Johnny Foster

"With Asa's guidance we learned to narrow our focus to what was most important, and strengthened the various parts of the business over time. Today we operate more efficiently, and more profitably than ever. The best part is I've reached the place where I'm not needed as much."

Dr. Phil Vito, O.D.

"I give Asa credit for how he has guided us over the years. To reach this level of production as a single provider practice speaks to how Asa keeps helping us find ways to improve efficiency and increase sales. I sleep better as a provider and owner knowing the business is strong.

Dr. Corey Wilson, DDS

Asa had been guiding the previous practice owner for several years prior to me purchasing the practice. It only made sense to have Asa guide me as a new business owner. He elevates my business acumen and strategizes with our team to help us continuously improve our business and grow.

Dr. Samantha McPherson, O.D.

We met Asa at an event and invited him to visit our practice to see how he could help us. Since that time we have grown from a 2 doctor practice to 6 doctors, plus a growing support team. His guidance has helped us overcome many growing pains, and with plans for continuing to grow, we count on his support.

FREE Download... The 6 Business Essentials Guide & Videos

By focusing on these 6 essential areas of your business, you'll simplify and clarify what your business needs most right now, and start a practice around improving those things.