Build Your Business By Putting Your Customers Top-of-Mind in Everything You Do

Introducing The PACE Principle

A simplified approach to help time-starved owners become better leaders for their business and maximize its potential

The PACE Principle is a simple model designed to guide business owners on their journey of becoming a better leader for their business.

The six intersections of the four circles are the essential skills needed to build precision and alignment within your business.

It starts with putting the Customer Experience top of mind...

No matter what product or service your customers come to you for, your real product is the EMOTIONAL EXPERIENCE your customers have while they receive it. Everything you do has to be considered from that perspective.

This requires a high level of Precision from your business...

How well the business consistently and predictably produces its product or service is Precision. This is when the customer sees your business has its sh*t together.

It also requires Alignment within your business...

When strategies are clear, when execution is clear, and both are clearly communicated, Alignment is created. This is when your team understands the purpose of the business, why you do what you do, and they enjoy making a contribution towards its success.

PACE Principle for Businesses

The Formula

When Customer Experience is the product you care most about, your ability to deliver depends on your level of both Precision and Alignment. Fortunately, those are variables that are totally within your control.

The PACE Principle, when applied to your systems, your financials, your employee management, and every other part of your business, creates a plan of attack you can use to outpace your competition and build a highly successful business.

PACE Principle To Grow Your Business

The Model

The PACE Principle model begins as a 4-circle Venn model. It's a story about an owner [bottom] with a product/service, and a customer [top] with a need. The owner creates a business [left] that soon requires the help of a team [right] to fulfill the need.

Before long the owner realizes they aren't fully equipped to lead and manage the growth they are creating. The result is often the owner becoming frustrated, and the business becoming stuck, not growing.

It's the intersections within the model that hold the key to you building more precision and alignment in your business.

When you learn and become more Strategic and Influential you will build Alignment in your business. When you learn and become more Analytical and Efficient you will build Precision in your business.

How does this look in practice?
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