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The business essential I’m going to talk about in this video is about cultivating a business culture that you design.

Why It's Better to Intentionally Design Your Own Business Culture

Hey, I know, culture feels a bit stuffy and not something you talk about much in your business, but believe me it’s important, and it’s better if you design the culture of your business rather than having it develop on its own. Here’s why...

Here’s a newsflash for you, your business has an identity.

Many times, the business takes on the identity of the business owner, the person who passionately started and nurtured its growth. Not all that different than nurturing the growth of a child.

But as the business grows and employees come and go, and the owner plays less a role in the day-to-day operations, the identity of business can change and so can its culture, especially if there’s not a clearly defined and documented purpose for why the business even exists.

How do you explain the culture of your business went hiring a new employee?

And if you don’t how are they going to embrace the culture you expect?

Your Company Mission, Vision Statement, and Core Values

The fact is that they will probably not know what you expect. They may even bring habits from previous experiences into your business culture you wish they hadn’t.

And what about all the existing employees? Do talk about your business culture and continue to reinforce it?

Going through a mission and vision statement exercise, and core values exercise once then putting it away never to really discuss again isn’t going to build a lasting culture where employees enjoy their work every day and customers crave to visit your business and wouldn’t think of going anywhere else.

Cultivating a business culture is an ESSENTIAL of every successful business out there.

If you’d like to raise your game to cultivate a better culture, gain better control of your business and unlock its full potential…

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