Hi, Asa here. Thanks for taking a moment to stop and watch.

The business essential I’m going to talk about in this video is what I call Connect The Dots.

If things feel a bit chaotic in your business, mistakes occur too frequently, and at times it feels like you’re barely holding on to keep control, you’ll need to stop winging it and get more strategic. Here’s why...

You’ve probably heard this before but hope is not a good business strategy.

But when things get really busy, and processes and systems that used to work just fine aren’t cutting it anymore.

Hoping to find the time to address it, or hoping it just goes away or fixes itself becomes a business strategy.

Then what follows often are bandaids put on systems or issues that are hemorrhaging.

And in a fit to find something that will fix things a business leader falls in the trap of hearing about something that works in another business, provides the team some basic direction, and expects things to magically resolve.

It’s time to call a time out and carve out some strategic time for yourself.

During that time identify the burning issues that have the most potential to have an immediate impact.

Choose just the top 2 to work on at any one time, and always remember that everything can’t be a priority, so go after the ones with the largest impact.

Create a plan of action, assign responsibilities, set deadlines, and have a plan for frequent follow up.

Thinking and acting strategic is an ESSENTIAL of every successful business out there.

If you’d like to raise your game by becoming a more strategic thinker, gain better control and unlock its full potential of your business…

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