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setting expectations

Here’s How to Set Clear Expectations

By Asa Beavers | managing people

As a leader in your business people are looking to you for direction. Everyday you have opportunities to elevate the performance of your employees. These are coachable moments where your role is to help your employees reach their full potential. The real question here is, “how are you doing at this?”

As busy leaders we often overlook these moments and lose the opportunity to show how much we care about our employee and their performance, whether it is through encouraging good work, or challenging poor performance. We especially avoid coaching poor performance because we may think that if we ignore the problem it will go away, or we choose to avoid the confrontation, or if it’s a minor issue we don’t want to make a big deal of it.

But the fact is, people crave feedback from their leader and you have to find ways of letting employees know that what they do matters to you. Good performance matters to you and should be encouraged. Poor performance matters to you and should be challenged.

Here are some ways even the busiest business owners can quickly and easily coach their team members...

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