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WEBINAR REPLAY: 5 Essential Business Practices to Help Reboot Your Business

By Asa Beavers | leadership , productivity

​As a Board Member for the Holly Springs Chamber of Commerce I presented this webinar on April 15, 2020 ​as a way to kick-off the Business Continuity Webinar Series during this pandemic business downturn.

​Many businesses large and small are shuttered due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Uncertainty is now one of the biggest challenges we face. Business leaders are forced to make decisions quicker than ever. The survival of the business depends on it.

I make the case that you probably already know what you need to do, you've done it before, yet maybe have fallen out of practice. When times are good it's easier to not make the time to WORK ON your business as much as you should. It's working on your business that sets your business up to survive business downturns like we're experiencing now.

In this webinar I share 5 Essential Business Practices you need to help reboot your business once we clear this pandemic. These are the same practices you use when working ON your business. ​​Now more than ever, it's time for you to turn working on your business into an ongoing practice ​using these 5 Essentials as a guide.

​These are business lessons every successful business leader must learn and master because they are always essential. They are important even during times when they aren't urgent like now.

To learn more about what's essential to working on your business explore my FREE DOWNLOADS.

How To Eliminate Doubt And Achieve Anything You Want

By Asa Beavers | productivity

Have you ever wondered why the hell you commit to doing certain things?

Sure it sounded good at the time, but after sleeping on it you realize it’s a much bigger task than you initially thought.

You might get a queasy feeling of uncertainty over whether you can do it. Then as you engage you uncover obstacles you didn’t anticipate. Yet even though you manage to navigate those obstacles, the challenge is beginning to wear you down.

With your mind now ramping up over the possibility you may fail, or not perform at your best, doubt begins to creep in.

If you are a business leader who allows doubt to overpower your ability to make crucial decisions quickly and confidently, you are part of the majority.

The good news is eliminating doubt is a skill that can be practiced. Let’s explore 3 guiding principles to eliminate doubt and achieve anything you want.

First a short story that changed the way I think about making business decisions, and it has nothing to do with business.

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The Elephant No One Wants to Talk About

By Asa Beavers | leadership , productivity

Running an effective meeting is like having a really good meal.

You know the sensation when you’ve had a really good meal. The same goes for when you’ve conducted a really effective meeting. You feel satisfied with the experience.

Yet, even when you think you’re getting it right, there’s still something that can CRUSH your ability to consistently have effective meetings.

It’s known as the “elephant in the room.”

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business scorecard

How To Accelerate Business Results Using A Scorecard

By Asa Beavers | performance management , productivity , Uncategorized

Let’s cut straight to the chase right now because, after all, what business isn’t seeking to accelerate results?

And this strategy might just be THE best thing you can do.

So, how does a business scorecard accelerate results? One word...


That’s right. Feedback is the special sauce your business needs to accelerate results. But the type of feedback I’m talking about might not be what your thinking.

Having a scorecard is one way to know if your business had a good day or not, and it provides essential feedback on most critical business activities.

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how to practice focus

How to Ignore Distraction And Focus Like A Champ

By Asa Beavers | productivity

Wouldn’t it be nice if we could call-up our focus like we ring our smartphone when it’s gone missing?

Distractions are nothing new. In fact, many take pride in their ability to multi-task.

But with the proliferation of electronic devices running our lives, our ability to focus has taken a nosedive.

Here's the thing though...

Your focus is always there. It comes down to practicing how to find your focus when you need it most.

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Success Comes To Those Who Embrace The Grind

By Asa Beavers | planning , productivity

What comes to mind when I say the word grind?

For me, the first thing that comes to mind is grinding something up; like a pepper grinder putting some fresh ground pepper on a juicy sirloin. I certainly like the thought of that!

Maybe you thought of grind as a sound. If you’ve ever driven a car with manual transmission, and you miss a shift, you’ll hear a grinding sound. Not pleasant, and not good for the car either.

Another thought that comes to mind is the feeling that, “work was such a grind today”. It connotes things didn’t go well, or it was hard, or it was long. Looking at it in this context definitely gives the word grind a negative feeling.

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