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Use This to Initiate Any Transformation

By Asa Beavers

What key ingredient do you need to initiate business transformation?

Curiosity. It’s as simple as that.

It’s the desire to explore things as a way of improving either yourself or the business you own.

In this series of articles I have shared my story about learning and persevering as I restored my now vintage water ski boat. (Check out Part 1 and Part 2 of the Supreme Transformation Series).

This project turned into a perfect metaphor for how an individual transforms as they learn new things. This is especially true when the result matches the big vision they have for the outcome.

A Supreme Transformation for Your Business

While we talk about the need to transform our businesses, what we really need to do is to transform ourselves as business leaders. We need to be more curious and learn what is needed, then follow the sometimes challenging process of learning and persevering.

Our businesses are transforming as the world around us transforms. As business owners we need to learn to transform quicker to keep up as well.

Whether your business is in its early stage, or you’re a veteran business owner, there is one constant to business ownership that can’t be ignored. Over time things are going to change – and you’re going to need to adapt.

And if you are the curious DIY-type like me, you’re going to learn new things and transform as your business transforms.

The tasks I performed apply to building a business as well.

  • First I needed to assess the situation and found the Supreme was operational.
  • I dug deeper as I was cleaning and found other issues needing work.
  • I had to make a big decision about whether to proceed, or punt the project all together.
  • For an early quick-fix, I found a mechanic who could do the tasks I didn’t want to do.
  • I researched the process until gaining confidence, then formed a vision of the best outcome.
  • Using resources I found, and testing through trial and error, I taught myself the skills needed to restore the Supreme to its original beauty.

The lessons I learned apply to building a business as well.

  • You will require patience. There is no quick-fix when it comes to transformation.
  • Everything is a process. When we turn it into a process, we make better progress.
  • It’s going to take longer than anticipated. Rushing will not get the end result you desire.
  • It will take trial and error. Mistakes and miscalculations are going to be made along the way.
  • You will need perseverance. Don’t give up. Do-overs along the way are a fact for any project.

The feelings I gained apply to building a business as well.

  • Building confidence in my ability to tackle difficult projects
  • Teaching valuable lessons I wouldn’t have gained otherwise
  • Learning new skills that can be applied to other projects
  • Gaining greater clarity of what the final outcome looks like
  • Making better decisions through curiosity and digging deeper
  • Greater satisfaction with the outcome knowing what I had to overcome
  • Understanding a process gets better the more you practice

Becoming a better leader for your business as it grows and produces greater results is what business ownership is really about. And by doing so, you gain skills, and lessons, and feelings that can be applied to any business, or any project you choose to explore.

How to Start a Business Transformation

I have been guiding business owners through their journeys for 20 years. I understand and know what it's like to wear all the hats, and make the difficult decisions.

From my learnings and experience I created an original business model called The PACE Principle. In it, I identify 4 essential areas where every business owner needs to focus in order to become a stronger leader for their business.

The PACE Principle is designed to guide business owners on their journey of becoming more proficient leaders for their business. The model’s structure forms a foundation that EVERY business needs: an owner who leads by being Strategic, Analytical, Efficient, and Influential.

The value of The PACE Principle for business owners is that it delivers a simple approach to those seeking something new in how they become better leaders and attain greater business results. It guides them through becoming more Strategic, Analytical, Efficient and Influential for their business.

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